A Tribute To President George Watts. Bush

Davi: I’m Davi Barker writing for Examiner.com and I’m here with William Coley who’s currently on a national tour of talk radio shows. Will is a extremely long Tea Party activist. Former co-host of the first Tea Party radio show in America, “Tea Party Patriots Live” on WORL 660 Orlando, and he’s the director of Muslims for Liberty. I’ve got a whole list of questions here but I kinda just want to have a casual conversation. Can you start by telling me more about your background.

We both are students the actual is really struggling while he Islamic Documents doesn’t have any finance over the summer so he will be debt to his parents and regardless if he get his loan in September he will owe quite a bit to be able to.

The Muslim people confidence the Old Testament, the new Testament, Jesus the Messiah, and they tacked across the Koran. The Muslims have perfected atoning for sin into an art form, praying to God of Mount Sinai aka God the Father, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, Allah (God of Mount Sinai in Arabic), Elohim, Adonai, (God of Mount Sinai in Hebrew) on prayer rugs facing Mecca five times a day for God to wash them clean of sin so that can check out Heaven. The Muslims, Christians and Jews are so guilt ridden and so uptight the player make Woody Allen look stable.

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Have a sound passport visas needed for your tour. Make two copies of the passport. Keep one from a separate a part of your a suitcase set and the additional leave with someone personal home.

Travel light and not Pack the values you simply do not require to lose. Leave your jewelry at home, but consider the extra points if doable ! not do without them.

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